"BTMK" product delivery date shortened notice

Dear customers

Thank you for using TAMAKO.

We would like to inform you that thanks to the support of our customers, we have been able to shorten the shipping lead time for our fabric production system.

From Saturday, June 3rd, we have shortened the minimum delivery time for made-to-order products from our street fashion brand "BTMK" from "about two weeks" to "10 business days."

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers due to frequent delays due to fabric production under the current system.


BTMK Classic

BTMK Classic Pants

In the future, TAMAKO® will continue to adhere to BTMK's ``stress-free'' and ``blow-up'' worldview, and manufacture high-quality clothing completely to order by using high-quality fibers to reduce the burden on the environment. To do.

"Immerse yourself in creativity"

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Dear valued customers,

Thank you for your continued support of "TAMAKO".

We are pleased to announce that, thanks to the support of our customers, we have been able to reduce the lead time for shipping in our fabric production system.

Starting from June 3rd (Saturday), the production lead time for made-to-order items under our street fashion brand "BTMK" will be shortened from "approximately two weeks" to "8 business days".

We sincerely apologize for the delays caused by fabric production issues in the previous system, and for any inconvenience this may have caused our customers.

Applicable products:

  • BTMK in general

Moving forward, TAMAKO® will continue to uphold the "stress-free" and "unapologetic" world of "BTMK", producing high-quality garments through the use of premium fibers to reduce environmental impact.

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