TAMAKO® Neckko


We have improved the functional material "dralon" of German company Dralon, which has excellent antibacterial and deodorant properties.

A 3-way neck warmer that uses cotton acrylic fabric with good breathability, texture, and elasticity.

Where was Neckko born?

The heart of "The Root of daily life".

This kind of daily life was developed with the desire to send cheers to people who are working hard every day without forgetting the importance of basics.

【neck warmer】

Made from densely woven fabric, this neck warmer is warm and insulated. It has volume and can be worn as a fashion item.

[Face mask]

You can use it as a face mask by covering your face.

Because it is made of breathable fabric, it does not stick to your mouth even when you are doing sports that move your body, such as running or snowboarding, and you can breathe easier than regular masks and face covers. Even if you use it as a mask, you can use it with a stress-free feeling as if you were not wearing it.

[Knit cap]

It can also be used as a knit hat if worn over the head. Because it is highly elastic, it fits perfectly on the head and does not slip easily. Please use it widely according to the purpose.

⭐︎Carefully selected materials

Uses high-tech fabric that is soft and comfortable. The material is light and comfortable to wear even on dry winter skin.

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