February 22, 2022, the biggest cat day of the century
As a brand that works with cats, TAMAKO® will release bandanas for cats and dogs.

This is a confident product that has been researched from the standpoint of dogs and cats rather than owners.

[Carefully selected materials]

Uses organic cotton made in Japan

Instead of using cheap synthetic fibers, we use organic cotton to achieve the same quality as people's clothing. We printed the fabric that is actually used for people's clothes, and improved it in pursuit of softness and lightness so that it can be used stress-free.
It is a washable fabric that can be washed and used cleanly.


Adopts an original pattern designed from scratch with our company TAMAKO® for shape and details.
The pom-poms and snap buttons are custom-made, and we aimed to reduce the stress of putting on and taking off the product as much as possible, in other words, "stress-free".

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