<Notice of TAMAKO® Cat Day Gift Campaign>

We have decided to hold a "Model Recruitment" event and a gift campaign for our regular followers. Please apply by all means.

[Premium] TAMAKO® bandana x 1

[Number of winners] 10

[How to apply] Instagram

① "Follow" the TAMAKO account @tamako_japan
② “Like” this post and repost to increase your chances of winning. Feel free to take a screenshot of this post and post it.
③ Comment on this post with your enthusiasm as "model application"

[How to apply] Twitter

① Follow TAMAKO® (@tamako_japan) ② RT this tweet
*February 28th (Monday) 23:59 deadline [Application period] 2/22-2/28 23:59 deadline

[Winning announcement]
In early March, we will announce the winners via DM (direct message) from this account.
* We will not notify anyone other than the winners. Please note.

・Limited to public accounts with Instagram or Twitter accounts. Private accounts and accounts with 0 followers are not allowed.
・Applications are limited to those living in Japan.
・If you unfollow this account at the time of notification of winning, the winning will be cancelled.
・Personal information provided by winners will only be used for sending gifts.

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