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TAMAKO® Bucket Hat Summer Knit

TAMAKO® Bucket Hat Summer Knit

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There is a logo specification conversion due to the opening commemoration of the store and atelier.

Woven with thick thread, this bucket hat is highly breathable and provides UV protection.
Great for outdoor activities and casual outfits.

The hat is loosely woven with thick threads, so it is more breathable than organic cotton material and can be worn for a long time without getting stuffy.

Because it uses durable and damage-resistant thread, it does not lose its shape after washing or shrinks peculiar to knit materials, so you can take care of it without worrying about it.

It does not lose its shape or get wrinkled when folded, so it can be carried in a bag or folded in half when not in use.

One size fits all and you can wear it deeply, or you can wear it shallowly with the brim pushed back.
Because it is soft and firm, it maintains a beautiful shape regardless of the shape of the head.

Product information [Product name]: Bucket
[Material]: Cool contact organic cotton 100%
[Size]: Free size [Origin]: Japan [Distributor]: TAMAKO Co., Ltd. [Manufacturer]: TAMAKO Co., Ltd.

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