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A new TAMAKO® original pattern from the classic Pet's sweatshirt.
We use organic cotton made in Japan with antibacterial properties.
This is possible only because of the special fiber with high elasticity and high-performance temperature control function.
"Stress-free design" has been achieved.

The coloring that matches the TAMAKO logo pattern is very fashionable.
It has a firm texture and can be worn all year round.
This item is also recommended for matching that suits both boys and girls.
Available in 4 colors: yellow, navy, green, and black.

Fabric thickness: normal
Elasticity: Yes

Material: 100% cotton

Height ( cm)
around the neck (cm)
Girth (cm) Target weight (kg)
27-30 40-42 3-4
M. 33-35 31-34 45-47 4.5-5.5
33-36 50-52 6-9



* Please allow for some errors as it is measured by an amateur when placed flat. Since the size is measured by hand, there may be an error of 1-2 cm.

* Depending on the monitor environment, the color and material of the product may differ slightly.

Product information
[Product name]: Pet wipes
[Material]: 100% cotton
[Size development]: S, M, L
[Origin]: Japan
[Distributor]: TAMAKO Co., Ltd.