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TAMAKO® Smartphone Rope Strap

TAMAKO® Smartphone Rope Strap

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ROPE STRAP strap A mobile strap that allows you to go out lightly while using your favorite smartphone case.

【 Functionality 】
Simply insert the connecting sheet that comes with the strap into your smartphone case into the hole in the charging cord, and you can safely carry your smartphone without losing it or dropping it.

The rope on the shoulder uses a sturdy rope that is also used outdoors, and the combination of black and yellow colors is an eye-catching design that can be used by both men and women.
You can also hang keys on the band part that is passed through the rope, and you can manage your valuables with a single mobile strap, and you can use the eggplant part to carry not only your smartphone but also other items.

【 fashion 】
Not only can it be used for casual styles, but also for beautiful fashion, the strap rope can be used as an item to break down, so you can coordinate your outfit without feeling uncomfortable.
Even in plain and simple fashion, the black and yellow rope accents will not give a plain impression.

Product information [Product name]: Strap [Material]: 100% polyamide
Rope total length 125 cm, thickness 10 mm
[Production area]: Japan
[Distributor]: TAMAKO Co., Ltd.
[Manufacturer]: TAMAKO Co., Ltd.
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