FrontCorTEX."新たなステップへ解放する" ソックスシリーズ販売開始

FrontCorTEX. "Release to a new step" socks series sales start

TAMAKO, which develops items using original textiles, will officially sell the sock series "FrontCorTEX."

The concept of the series is "release to a new step"

Socks are something that wraps around the legs for walking. "FrontCorTEX." is a yell for those who choose a free way of life to take a new step from a rigid way of life. We want to make your feet feel gentle and stylish, so that you can feel a comfortable and liberating feeling on your feet as you walk.

The TAMAKO design team has a unique background that embodies this concept. A diverse team that includes people who have experience in designing brands that are active in the Paris Collection, and engineers who handle PC equipment. "FrontCorTEX." literally translates to "frontal lobe." This is the part of the human brain that controls ideas, and is where avant-garde designs are created. The "green" seen in the design is the color of departure, symbolically representing the "green" that shines when starting a machine such as a new sprout or a PC.

[Front Cortex]

What is sold in the first collection

"Halo" "Tag" "Armor"

(3 colors / 1500 yen) 3 types

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